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2 days ago

Babylon A.D.

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Preordered & the song that came in Freakin Rock ... thanks for the music & keep rockin

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Marcus Dietz.


So looking forward to this album

Outstanding gentleman!

Sounds good!

4th album? Isn't it the 5th, not counting live and EPs?

Def on my xmas list boyz!! I have yet yo get ur debut. but nothing sacred is amazing

Nice to see some hometown boys still killing it, right Larry?

hurry up i need the whole cd ... <3 you guys rock :-) hope you will come to 🇩🇪️ germany soon again

This kicks ass!!! Can't wait to hear the rest! 🤘🏻

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B.A.D. Ready to Rock The World!

Now playing Bang Go The Bells by Babylon A.D.! on @babylonadband

@FrontiersMusic1 @babylonadband can't wait! Hope it continues from the first